Throw a Birthday Party Fit for a Princess

Looking for some fun ideas for your little one’s next birthday? Look no further! With the weather outside being sunny and sparkling, Everbloom Studio suggests a princess tea party.

Planning a Princess Birthday Party

Step One: Imaginative Invitations

To plan a classic princess tea party, the first things you’ll need are invitations. Invites are a great place to incorporate the theme, and can be a great opportunity for a fun mother-daughter activity. Together, you and your princess can draw the main image for the invite – a princess, a crown, a castle, etc. Then, put some fun wording into the text. For example:

Hear ye! Hear ye!


Let it be known that Princess Jane of 123 Main Street invites all princesses from across the enchanted land of Burbank to her castle for a special birthday tea party.


The grand event will be Saturday, the 12th of August at half past two o’clock. Crowns are optional. Glitter is mandatory. No princes allowed.


Please send your response via Fairy Godmother (or by phone at XXX-XXX-XXXX) by the stroke of midnight on July 17th.


Ever Yours,

           The Lane Family

From there, all that’s left to do is scanning your pictures into the invite, printing and sending. (If you like, throw glitter into the envelope for good measure.)

Step Two: Princess Party Food

For the party’s food there is no need to get expensive catering. Cute finger sandwiches are quick and easy to make.

The day before the event, prepare by cutting all your bread. As if you were making a regular sandwich, lay one piece of bread on top of another, remove crusts, cut into fours (we recommend mixing and matching between squares and diagonals), then plastic wrap the trays of bread for the next day. On the morning of the party, begin assembling the sandwiches. Don’t worry about getting too fancy. Stick with the classics – peanut butter & jelly, cheese, turkey, etc. Your little princess can help with prep for these too if she is big enough.

Step Three: Royal Activities

In addition to classic party games, our favorite tea party tradition is decorating teacups. Go to your local bargain store and search for inexpensive teacups; then, buy paint and paintbrushes. On the day of the party, each princess in attendance can decorate her own teacup to her liking. You may want to begin the party with this activity so that the teacups are dominantly dry by the end of the celebration and are easier to transport home. This not only provides you with a fun activity, but also gives guests a memorable keepsake to remember the party.

Step Four: Delectable Desserts

For the desserts, we encourage you to try a “Princess & the Frog” themed cupcake display.

For this, you’ll need chocolate cupcakes with green frosting on top, and vanilla cupcakes with pink frosting on top. (You can bake these yourself with the birthday girl beforehand, or just order them from your local bakery and pick-up ahead of time.) Once the cupcakes are iced, use your favorite Princess & the Frog cupcake idea from Pinterest and create your very own cupcake tower or platter display.

Step Five: Celebrate in Style

With the invitations, food and main activity taken care of, now all that’s left is making sure your little princess attends the main event in style. And we, at Everbloom Studio, can definitely help with that! Check out our summer selection of cute and colorful accessoriesto give any princess outfit a fun, whimsical touch. Or, go straight for that adorable royal look with our collection of lovely crowns.

Let the Festivities Begin!

A classic princess tea party is a great way to celebrate your little girl’s birthday. And preparing for it by making homemade invitations, baking cupcakes, and putting together finger sandwiches, is a great way for you to spend time with her along the way.

Want to add more color and whimsy like this to your daughter’s life? Check out our other blog posts, or Everbloom Studio’s playfully stylish dress collection now! Enjoy the party!