Say Hello To Spring With These Fun Crafts


At Everbloom Studio, when we aren’t creating awesome designer dresses, jewelry, and accessories for kids, we love finding new ways to help parents connect with theirlittle ones. So for this blog, we wanted to share two fun craft ideas perfect for quality time on a Saturday afternoon - paper plate flowers and pipe cleaner bunnies!



Paper Plate Flowers


These are super easy and great for the younger children. To start, you'll need the following:

  • Paper plates (1 per flower)
  • Green construction paper 
  • Watercolor paints
  • Glue or tape
  • Markers (optional)

To create the shape of the flower itself using the paper plates, simply cut triangles out of the outer edge, roughly evenly spaced, all along the outside of the plate. They can be as short, long, or large as you like, depending on what you want your petal shape to be. Once you'd done that, round out the edges of the 'petals' to make it look more natural. Cut the construction paper into rectangular strips and attach one end to the center of the back of the paper plate to form the stem. Now that you have the basic body of the flower, paint or marker away! If your kids aren't ready to do their own cutting, you can make the flowers yourself and have them decorate to their heart’s content.

Pipe Cleaner Bunnies

These are a little more involved, so we'd recommend doing them with your children if they're a little older. Alternatively, you can make the bunnies yourself and give them to your kids to play with. You'll need:

  • Pipe cleaners
  • Glue
  • Googly Eyes
  • Small pom poms or puffballs (for the nose and tail)

To begin, tightly wrap a 12" pipe cleaner around a cylindrical object like a pencil. This will form the body of the bunny. Next, fold another pipe cleaner into an "M" shape - the top arches will form your ears, so size accordingly. Stick the two bottom lines of your "M" through the pipe cleaner coil - you should start to see the basic shape of the bunny at this point - then fold up the bottoms of the M for the feet. Cut off any excess. Fold the ears over a little bit to make them appear more natural, attach your eyes, nose, and tail, and viola! You've got the perfect toy for your child.


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