To Grandmother’s House We Go – 5 Tips For Flying with Toddlers

“Are we thereeee yetttt?” Travelling with toddlers can be exhausting, both physically and emotionally. As if adult-only travel experiences aren’t stressful enough, adding strollers and fussy babies to the mix hardly makes the airport sound appealing. However, it doesn’t have to be as hard as it may seem. To help relieve some of your stress, we have put together the following tips for travelling with little ones. 

1. Set the Expectations

Before you take off on your journey, it is important that both you and your children have set travel expectations that won’t result in disappointment or frustration. Traveling is often a very new, and sometimes frightening experience for little ones, so it is best to make sure they are as prepared as possible. Explaining how exciting flying can be, and building up positive anticipation can reduce much of the fear and worry on the day of travel. For yourself, it is important that you accept from the beginning that things rarely go as planned, and make a commitment not to let the stress get to you. Look at your trip as an adventure, and work to greet challenges with a smile. 

2. Pack To Entertain

Sure, you can dream about a long journey where your toddler is so exhausted that they manage to sleep through the entire ordeal. However, chances are there are going to be several hours of your trip during which you will need to keep your little one not only occupied, but also entertained. This is where packing is incredibly important. Some of the best toys and treats to entertain include:
  • Books
  • Stickers
  • Gel window clings
  • Notepads and crayons (we recommend triangular crayons – they won’t fall off the tray!)
  • Modeling clay
  • Small individually wrapped gifts that will be fun to open
The most important thing to remember is that little ones are distracted by novelty, so always try to include several new toys to get them excited.

3. Replicate Bedtime Before Take-off

Takeoff can often be the most strange and uncomfortable part of a flight for children, and they oftentimes are unaware of how to clear their ears to reduce pressure. To eliminate ear-popping pain, give older children gum to chew on, or consider nursing infants. If your child is sleepy, takeoff can be a perfect time to go through your regular bedtime routine, and encourage them that this long, boring ride is a perfect time for sleep. Whether reading stories, or feeding your child milk, encouraging sleep on the plane will reduce anxiety during takeoff, and give you some time to relax.

4. Avoid Too Many Sweets

It can often be tempting to encourage good behavior, or keep your little one going by feeding them sugary snacks. Though this might seem like a good temporary solution, traveling with a child in the middle of a sugar rush is never ideal. Make sure your bag is packed with plenty of healthy, savory snacks such as cheese, rice cakes, and pretzels so you can keep your child full and happy without dealing with the impending sugar rush that is to come. 

5. Keep it Comfy 

One of the biggest factors that lead to fussy little ones is discomfort. When it comes to long distance travel, it is crucial that your baby or toddler is dressed in an outfit that is cozy, relaxing, and if you’re lucky perfect for a long nap. Everbloom Studio offers the perfect options for comfy, cute designer infant dresses. Their bright patterns and colors provide stylish, yet snug outfits that are perfect for traveling. Whether you are looking for infant layette, or boutique children’s dresses, Everbloom lets your little one travel in style.
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