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At Everbloom Studio, we believe that every little girl deserves to look and feel like a princess. That's why we put so much time, work, and love into all of our clothing and accessories. Every piece is completely handmade from only the finest materials, and all of our designs use similar elements and color schemes so every piece on our site works together. For this blog, we're going to spotlight one of our first product lines and one that remains highly popular to this day - our designer children's jewelry.

Designer Bracelets, Crowns, Headbands, & Necklaces for Kids

When it comes to our designer children's jewelry, we put quality and care above all else. We're proud to use only the best materials - you'll find soft bamboo and wool felt, whimsical wooden beads, luscious leather remnants, and playful pastel tassels throughout all of our jewelry. We use only the best because we know how important your child is to you, and we want only the best for them.

We then take these premium materials and craft them into designs that are sure to make any little girl smile. We infuse all our designs with a spirit of lightness, joy, and play inspired by the children that wear them, and we use similar motifs of color and design through our pieces so our clothing and jewelry all coordinate. Finally, we hand make all of the handmade accessories on our site with love and care - because we believe that your child deserves more than the work of a machine.

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Have more questions about our products or our process? We're always here to help! Feel free to browse our collection of accessories, shirts, or dresses, and don't hesitate to reach out to us at our contact pagewith any questions. We look forward to hearing from you, and we hope to see you back at this blog for more tips and info from Everbloom Studio!

Throw a Birthday Party Fit for a Princess

Looking for some fun ideas for your little one’s next birthday? Look no further! With the weather outside being sunny and sparkling, Everbloom Studio suggests a princess tea party.

Planning a Princess Birthday Party

Step One: Imaginative Invitations

To plan a classic princess tea party, the first things you’ll need are invitations. Invites are a great place to incorporate the theme, and can be a great opportunity for a fun mother-daughter activity. Together, you and your princess can draw the main image for the invite – a princess, a crown, a castle, etc. Then, put some fun wording into the text. For example:

Hear ye! Hear ye!


Let it be known that Princess Jane of 123 Main Street invites all princesses from across the enchanted land of Burbank to her castle for a special birthday tea party.


The grand event will be Saturday, the 12th of August at half past two o’clock. Crowns are optional. Glitter is mandatory. No princes allowed.


Please send your response via Fairy Godmother (or by phone at XXX-XXX-XXXX) by the stroke of midnight on July 17th.


Ever Yours,

           The Lane Family

From there, all that’s left to do is scanning your pictures into the invite, printing and sending. (If you like, throw glitter into the envelope for good measure.)

Step Two: Princess Party Food

For the party’s food there is no need to get expensive catering. Cute finger sandwiches are quick and easy to make.

The day before the event, prepare by cutting all your bread. As if you were making a regular sandwich, lay one piece of bread on top of another, remove crusts, cut into fours (we recommend mixing and matching between squares and diagonals), then plastic wrap the trays of bread for the next day. On the morning of the party, begin assembling the sandwiches. Don’t worry about getting too fancy. Stick with the classics – peanut butter & jelly, cheese, turkey, etc. Your little princess can help with prep for these too if she is big enough.

Step Three: Royal Activities

In addition to classic party games, our favorite tea party tradition is decorating teacups. Go to your local bargain store and search for inexpensive teacups; then, buy paint and paintbrushes. On the day of the party, each princess in attendance can decorate her own teacup to her liking. You may want to begin the party with this activity so that the teacups are dominantly dry by the end of the celebration and are easier to transport home. This not only provides you with a fun activity, but also gives guests a memorable keepsake to remember the party.

Step Four: Delectable Desserts

For the desserts, we encourage you to try a “Princess & the Frog” themed cupcake display.

For this, you’ll need chocolate cupcakes with green frosting on top, and vanilla cupcakes with pink frosting on top. (You can bake these yourself with the birthday girl beforehand, or just order them from your local bakery and pick-up ahead of time.) Once the cupcakes are iced, use your favorite Princess & the Frog cupcake idea from Pinterest and create your very own cupcake tower or platter display.

Step Five: Celebrate in Style

With the invitations, food and main activity taken care of, now all that’s left is making sure your little princess attends the main event in style. And we, at Everbloom Studio, can definitely help with that! Check out our summer selection of cute and colorful accessoriesto give any princess outfit a fun, whimsical touch. Or, go straight for that adorable royal look with our collection of lovely crowns.

Let the Festivities Begin!

A classic princess tea party is a great way to celebrate your little girl’s birthday. And preparing for it by making homemade invitations, baking cupcakes, and putting together finger sandwiches, is a great way for you to spend time with her along the way.

Want to add more color and whimsy like this to your daughter’s life? Check out our other blog posts, or Everbloom Studio’s playfully stylish dress collection now! Enjoy the party!




Tips For Decorating Your Baby’s Room

A lot of work goes into creating a room for your child that feels both safe, and inviting. While picking out the right color scheme and furniture combinations is important, we feel that the following tips are crucial in establishing a space that both you and your child can be happy with.

Give Them Room To Grow

Depending on their age, children have a variety of different needs when it comes to their personal space. For infants, creating a safe and soothing space will be your primary concern. Toddlers are far more active, require open space to play and explore. As they grow into their adolescence, children require their space to be more functional – a place to do homework, a place to display their artwork, etc. It is important as you are designing your child’s space that you take into account these transitions and create a room that can seamlessly grow along with your little one.

Let Them Have a Say

This is less important when your child is an infant. For nurseries, it is important that you shape the room in a way that feels relaxing to you. However, as children grow, it becomes more and more important to listen to what they have to say. They may be young, but little girls love to give their opinions. They may not be particularly interested in the brand of furniture you choose, but letting your child help decide something like the color of their walls or bedspread can mean a lot, and help them be more comfortable in their space.

Remember That They’re Kids

The old saying “kids will be kids” is true, whether they are in public or in their own room at home. With short attention spans and lots of energy, little ones are the first to throw caution to the wind. Take some of the stress out of cleaning but creating rooms that are as child-friendly as possible. Try choosing stain and wear resistant coverings that can survive unfortunate spills or misplaced crayon drawings. If you are using rugs, look for washable throws that can quickly bounce back from accident. The more prepared you are, the easier it will be to meet these everyday challenges with a smile.

Let Everbloom Studio Help

Included in our new Spring line, we are proud to introduce an ongoing line of products perfect for your home. To kick off our collection, we have created a number of cotton pillows that are perfect for adding charm and character to your daughter’s room. Handmade in Los Angeles, these colorful cushions are covered with playful plaid and polka dot patterns and include screen-printed images of whimsical childhood creatures. Whether you choose the pony with a hat or the elephant in a tutu, these pillows are sure to bring a smile to your child’s face and a youthful, yet tasteful touch to their room.

Everbloom Studio is an imaginative collection of cute, colorful, and comfortable clothing for infants and young girls. For updates regarding the latest news and discounts, sign up for the Everbloom mailing list!





Say Hello To Spring With These Fun Crafts


At Everbloom Studio, when we aren’t creating awesome designer dresses, jewelry, and accessories for kids, we love finding new ways to help parents connect with theirlittle ones. So for this blog, we wanted to share two fun craft ideas perfect for quality time on a Saturday afternoon - paper plate flowers and pipe cleaner bunnies!



Paper Plate Flowers


These are super easy and great for the younger children. To start, you'll need the following:

  • Paper plates (1 per flower)
  • Green construction paper 
  • Watercolor paints
  • Glue or tape
  • Markers (optional)

To create the shape of the flower itself using the paper plates, simply cut triangles out of the outer edge, roughly evenly spaced, all along the outside of the plate. They can be as short, long, or large as you like, depending on what you want your petal shape to be. Once you'd done that, round out the edges of the 'petals' to make it look more natural. Cut the construction paper into rectangular strips and attach one end to the center of the back of the paper plate to form the stem. Now that you have the basic body of the flower, paint or marker away! If your kids aren't ready to do their own cutting, you can make the flowers yourself and have them decorate to their heart’s content.

Pipe Cleaner Bunnies

These are a little more involved, so we'd recommend doing them with your children if they're a little older. Alternatively, you can make the bunnies yourself and give them to your kids to play with. You'll need:

  • Pipe cleaners
  • Glue
  • Googly Eyes
  • Small pom poms or puffballs (for the nose and tail)

To begin, tightly wrap a 12" pipe cleaner around a cylindrical object like a pencil. This will form the body of the bunny. Next, fold another pipe cleaner into an "M" shape - the top arches will form your ears, so size accordingly. Stick the two bottom lines of your "M" through the pipe cleaner coil - you should start to see the basic shape of the bunny at this point - then fold up the bottoms of the M for the feet. Cut off any excess. Fold the ears over a little bit to make them appear more natural, attach your eyes, nose, and tail, and viola! You've got the perfect toy for your child.


Shop Designer Baby Clothing Today!

If your little ones can't get enough of these beautiful flowers and furry critters, we've got a line of adorable T-shirts that she is sure to love. From our adorable butterfly t-shirt to our stuffed bunny toys, Everbloom Studio is ready for spring! Don’t forget to check back to this blog periodically for more fun tid-bits on our line of designer baby clothes & the adventures of parenthood. Happy crafting!




To Grandmother’s House We Go – 5 Tips For Flying with Toddlers

“Are we thereeee yetttt?” Travelling with toddlers can be exhausting, both physically and emotionally. As if adult-only travel experiences aren’t stressful enough, adding strollers and fussy babies to the mix hardly makes the airport sound appealing. However, it doesn’t have to be as hard as it may seem. To help relieve some of your stress, we have put together the following tips for travelling with little ones. 

1. Set the Expectations

Before you take off on your journey, it is important that both you and your children have set travel expectations that won’t result in disappointment or frustration. Traveling is often a very new, and sometimes frightening experience for little ones, so it is best to make sure they are as prepared as possible. Explaining how exciting flying can be, and building up positive anticipation can reduce much of the fear and worry on the day of travel. For yourself, it is important that you accept from the beginning that things rarely go as planned, and make a commitment not to let the stress get to you. Look at your trip as an adventure, and work to greet challenges with a smile. 

2. Pack To Entertain

Sure, you can dream about a long journey where your toddler is so exhausted that they manage to sleep through the entire ordeal. However, chances are there are going to be several hours of your trip during which you will need to keep your little one not only occupied, but also entertained. This is where packing is incredibly important. Some of the best toys and treats to entertain include:
  • Books
  • Stickers
  • Gel window clings
  • Notepads and crayons (we recommend triangular crayons – they won’t fall off the tray!)
  • Modeling clay
  • Small individually wrapped gifts that will be fun to open
The most important thing to remember is that little ones are distracted by novelty, so always try to include several new toys to get them excited.

3. Replicate Bedtime Before Take-off

Takeoff can often be the most strange and uncomfortable part of a flight for children, and they oftentimes are unaware of how to clear their ears to reduce pressure. To eliminate ear-popping pain, give older children gum to chew on, or consider nursing infants. If your child is sleepy, takeoff can be a perfect time to go through your regular bedtime routine, and encourage them that this long, boring ride is a perfect time for sleep. Whether reading stories, or feeding your child milk, encouraging sleep on the plane will reduce anxiety during takeoff, and give you some time to relax.

4. Avoid Too Many Sweets

It can often be tempting to encourage good behavior, or keep your little one going by feeding them sugary snacks. Though this might seem like a good temporary solution, traveling with a child in the middle of a sugar rush is never ideal. Make sure your bag is packed with plenty of healthy, savory snacks such as cheese, rice cakes, and pretzels so you can keep your child full and happy without dealing with the impending sugar rush that is to come. 

5. Keep it Comfy 

One of the biggest factors that lead to fussy little ones is discomfort. When it comes to long distance travel, it is crucial that your baby or toddler is dressed in an outfit that is cozy, relaxing, and if you’re lucky perfect for a long nap. Everbloom Studio offers the perfect options for comfy, cute designer infant dresses. Their bright patterns and colors provide stylish, yet snug outfits that are perfect for traveling. Whether you are looking for infant layette, or boutique children’s dresses, Everbloom lets your little one travel in style.
Everbloom Studio is an imaginative collection of cute, colorful, and comfortable clothing for infants and young girls. For updates regarding the latest news and discounts, sign up for the Everbloom mailing list!

Suri Cruise wearing everbloom

red ava everbloom skirt on suri cruise


wool felt flower dying

The cute flowers are die cut then hand dyed in a pot with pink dye.

The final product is the sweet mushroom necklace pictured below.

flowers before they are dyed.



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